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 "I have now watched your excellent 'Tares Among the Wheat' film four times.  I am fully convinced that both Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are corrupted documents and I believe the evidence you present in your film overwhelmingly supports this fact.  I feel that this whole affair has been completely overlooked by most Christians which is a tragedy. I also think that staunch defenders of Sinaitucus and Vaticanus ... would have a very difficult time defending their claims against the evidence you provide in your film." -- Gareth Yendle, United Kingdom

The Berean Call Praises Hidden Faith Documentary

"TBC believes that The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers presents a perspective that is more historically accurate than the popular "Christian History" writers who in effect glorify the Constitution over God's Word and glamorize Washington, D.C. as a "Christian" capital." -- TBC Newsletter, 2012

"When I first encountered his film, I set out to prove that Pinto was wrong.  But after some investigation, I realized I couldn't, and neither could anybody else."  -- Brannon Howse of World View Weekend on "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers"


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Today's Show: JESUITS & EDUCATION - 8.23.2016

Chris discusses some of the history of the Jesuit Order and their working through the education system of various countries.  In the United States there are some 28 Jesuit colleges and universities.  In centuries past, the order was known for subverting Protestant cultures by conditioning them in the schools and turning their hearts towards Romanism.  Is it possible that the same subversive elements are at work in the education system of America?


Today's Show: PAUL & THE OTHER JESUS - 8.22.2016

Chris discusses the Apostle Paul's second letter to the Corinthians, where he warns of those who might come preaching "another Jesus."  Paul clearly associated this deception with that of the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  He goes on to warn of "false apostles" and warns that while they present themselves as "ministers of Christ," they are in fact the ministers of Satan.  This powerful warning to the Church is just as relevant today as it was in the first century.


Today's Show: COMMUNISM, SOCIAL JUSTICE & ROME - 8.15.2016

Chris discusses some of the history of Social Justice and Communism dating back to the 19th century, when the ideas of Karl Marx first emerged.  But was there more to Marxism than meets the eye?  It is worth noting that the term "social justice" was first coined by a Jesuit priest in 1843 -- five years before Marx published the Communist Manifesto (1848).  Marx himself had been educated at a Jesuit high school.  In the twentieth century, the concept of social justice was promoted by Pius XI, the same pope that supported Mussolini, and whose pontificate signed a Concordat with Hitler's Germany in 1933. 



Chris discusses more on the history of the Jesuit Order being expelled from the various countries of Europe, with France and England being two of the primary examples.  Also discussed are quotes from John Adams and Abraham Lincoln concerning the Jesuits, along with analysis of the influence of Rome in American politics through the 20th century.   


Today's Show: BANISHING THE JESUITS - 8.10.2016

Chris discusses the history of how the Jesuits have been banished from one country after another through the middle ages, even into the 20th century.  By 1931 the Jesuits had been expelled from at least "83 countries, city states and cities" because of their subversive activities.  Samuel Morse (inventor of the Morse code) once wrote: "And do Americans need to be told what Jesuits are?  If any are ignorant, let them inform themselves of their history without delay ... their workings are before you in every day's events ..."  Could Morse's warning from the 1854 still apply today? 


Today's Show: JESUITS, LOYALTY & TREASON - 8.9.2016

Chris discusses more on the history of the Jesuit Order and how they are known for feigning loyalty towards others the most, right before carrying out the worst sort of treason.  According to 19th century historian, J.A. Wylie, when the Jesuits "have some special villainy in hand ... they make the loudest professions of amity and goodwill."  Historic examples include the Babington Plot, the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. 


Today's Show: JESUITS, PRESS & PULPIT - 8.8.2016

Chris discusses more of the history of the Jesuit Order and their influence over mass media in centuries past.   19th century historian, J.A. Wylie wrote that the two institutions that the order seeks to control are the press and the pulpit.  His description of their working in the newspapers of the United Kingdom back in 1881 sounds very similar to elements we are able to recognize in Western media today.   Also discussed is Wylie's commentary on their influence in Protestant and Evangelical churches throughout history. 


Today's Show: JESUITS, PAST & PRESENT - 8.5.2016

Chris discusses more on the influence of Jesuits in America today, while looking backwards in time at their working in the past.  Incredibly, the modern tolerance movement (by which many subversive ideas are normalized in society) can be traced to the Counter Reformation and the methods of the Jesuits in opening a door for themselves in Protestant England.  The lessons of King James II and the Glorious Revolution of 1688 find meaning even today.


Today's Show: JESUITS & THE U.S. GOVERNMENT - 8.3.2016

Chris discusses some of the history of the Jesuit Order and the current influence of their Alumni in the government of the United States.  According to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) website, there are currently 49 Jesuit Alumni serving in the United States Congress.  How might this impact the upcoming election, now that Hillary Clinton has chosen a Jesuit educated VP candidate?  In the 19th century, historian J.A. Wylie warned of the influence of this society in Great Britain, and set down lessons that may prove valuable to understanding our nation's condition today.



Chris discusses Hillary Clinton's choice for a Vice Presidential running mate -- Tim Kaine, a Jesuit educated junior U.S. Senator from Virginia.  Kaine comes from a devout Catholic family, and was not only educated by Jesuits, but worked in Honduras as a missionary for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.  His Jesuit affiliation is being openly proclaimed in the headlines, and it appears he has been chosen to "balance" Hillary's ticket.  But could this be an indication that elitist powers are determined to have Hillary elected in November?


Today's Show: GALATIANS & THE OTHER GOSPEL - 8.1.2016

Chris discusses the Epistle of Paul to the Galatian Church and the apostle's warning of those who come preaching "another gospel."  In the world today, there are those who preach many paths to God, and who blend Christianity in with Paganism.  Paul's warning is just as valid today as it was two thousand years ago.


Today's Show: RUMORS OF WORLD WAR - 7.22.2016

Chris discusses Matthew chapter twenty-four in light of a series of news articles on the subject of World War III.  For the past year, stories have emerged in which the near possibility of a third world war is discussed -- seriously.  The potentially explosive circumstances often involve the United States, the U.K., China, Russia and Islam.  In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus foretold of  "rumors of wars" and how nation should rise against nation.  While wars have been fought for centuries, what particular events have occurred in modern times that are unique to Bible prophecy?


Today's Show: ISAIAH CHAPTER ONE - 7.18.2016

Chris discusses the opening chapter of Isaiah and how it may relate to events unfolding in America today.  What are some of the conditions that exist in a nation that is coming under God's judgment?  And what solution is presented for restoration and deliverance?


Today's Show: FRANCE & THE GLOBAL JIHAD - 7.15.2016

Chris discusses the tragic attack in Nice, France where it is reported that some 84 people were killed when a large white truck smashed into crowds of French citizens celebrating Bastille Day (the French Fourth of July).  It is widely reported that this was yet another terror attack in France, and it appears that the Islamic State has claimed credit and celebrated the event.  Also discussed is the greater jihad operating around the world, where there are thousands of Islamic terror attacks reported in a variety of countries, yet most of them are not covered by mainstream news.  Is the problem of global jihad far worse than most imagine?  


Today's Show: DANIEL, DOMINIONISM & PROPHECY - 7.14.2016

Chris continues his discussion on Bible prophecy, reviewing Daniel chapter seven with the conflict between the saints and the powers of antichrist.  Also discussed is the issue of dominionism.  What is dominion theology?  What Scriptures are used to defend it?  And how does this interpretation of prophetic events differ from what is generally believed about the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ?


Today's Show: THE GOSPEL & THE FALL OF BABYLON - 7.13.2016

Chris discusses Revelation chapter 14 and its reference to the preaching of the everlasting Gospel, which precedes the proclamation concerning the fall of Babylon.  Interestingly, some scholars have seen in these verses the period of the Protestant Reformation and how the preaching of the true Gospel brought about the fall of the Papal empire.  Yet others see a fulfillment yet to come.  How are these things to be understood?  And are there clues in the witness of history to help us understand?


Today's Show: REVELATION THIRTEEN - 7.9.2016

Chris continues his discussion on Bible prophecy and in particular, Revelation chapter thirteen.  How is the first beast that appears to be understood?  Is this beast a parallel of the fourth beast described in Daniel chapter seven?  And are these events that have yet to come to pass?  Or can at least some of them be found in the pages of history?  Considering the contrasting theories about prophecy, what can we learn about where we are in the prophetic timeline?



Chris discusses the upcoming "Together 2016" event planned to fill the National Mall in Washington D.C. with one million people who will be "standing for Jesus."  Among the featured speakers are Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias -- along with Pope Francis.   The event is designed to promote "Christian unity" but what sort of unity will it be?  Also discussed is follow up on end time prophecy and world government.  Will the world develop into a totalitarian super state?  Or does the Scripture foretell that the system will be partly strong, and partly broken?


Today's Show: ECUMENISM, DANIEL & ANTICHRIST - 7.3.2016

Chris continues his discusses on prophecies pertaining to Antichrist as well as the modern Ecumenical movement that seems designed to ultimately unite all the world religions into one.  Could there be elements of ecumenism foretold in Daniel chapter seven?  And does the false unity movement directly pertain to the man of sin?


Today's Show: THE KINGDOM OF ANTICHRIST - 7.1.2016

Chris continues his discussion of the prophetic implications of the recent events in Europe, as the aftermath of the Brexit vote continues to unfold.  Many have called this a blow to the globalist agenda, but could it also be seen as opposition to the anti-Christian powers of the world?  Two views of end time prophecy are contrasted, measuring them both against world events today.


Today's Show: BREXIT & BIBLE PROPHECY - 6.29.2016

Chris discusses the prophetic implications of the recent decision by the U.K. to break away from the European Union.  Prophecy teachers have been predicting that a United Europe would produce the Antichrist and usher in the great tribulation.  But now that the E.U. appears to be falling apart, how are these events to be understood?  At the same time, there are those who speculate that a Brexit "loophole" may somehow hinder Britain's departure from the E.U. 


Today's Show: BREXIT PREVAILS - 6.28.2016

Chris discusses the outcome of last week's Brexit vote, as the United Kingdom (in a stunning turn of events) chose to declare its independence from the European Union.  The chief reason seems to have been the issue of immigration, as the U.K. was not given the freedom to decide who was able to come into their country.  But how will this impact the rest of the world?  Many are predicting that these events may well foreshadow what will happen in the U.S.  with the upcoming election.  Will the conservative "take back America" movement prevail in November?


Today's Show: CHRIST IN PROPHECY - 6.25.2016

Chris discusses some of the Old Testament prophecies concerning Jesus as the Son of God, and also His suffering and death for the transgressions of the world.  Isaiah chapter 53 presents a powerful portrait of the Messiah as a "man of sorrows" who was "bruised for our iniquities," and "poured out His soul unto death."  The New Testament makes it clear that the Person of Christ as the Son of God was understood by the Apostles through the writings of the Old Testament.


Today's Show: BREXIT UPDATE - 6.23.2016

Chris discusses the Brexit vote and whether or not Britain will leave the European Union.  While the outcome is yet to be determined, a series of last minute events seem to be leaning in favor of the U.K.'s departure from totalitarianism.  The Daily Mail has given its official endorsement to the "leave" vote, while Nigel Farage (a long time campaigner against membership in the EU) has been voted the most
popular party leader in Britain.  And perhaps most stunning, Queen Elizabeth II is said to be a "Eurosceptic" who reportedly asked for "three reasons" why Britain should remain in the European Union.  What could this vote mean for the E.U.?  And how are these events to be understood in light of Bible prophecy?


Today's Show: THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST - 6.22.2016

Chris discusses the Apostle Paul's argument for the Resurrection of Christ in 1 Corinthians chapter 15, as he refutes those who deny the resurrection itself.  Also discussed is the prophetic testimony of the end times when Christ shall deliver up the Kingdom to God. 


Today's Show: HISTORIC CRITICISM & THE GOSPEL - 6.20.2016

Chris discusses the origins of higher criticism, also known as historic criticism.  According to James Westfall Thompson (former president of the American Historic Association) some of the key elements can be traced to two Benedictine monks who developed Latin and Greek paleography as part of the Counter Reformation.  Also discussed is a new book called "The Forging of Codex Sinaiticus," by Dr. Bill Cooper, who is the Vice President of the Creation Science Movement in England. 


Today's Show: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PAUL - 6.18.2016

Chris discusses 1 Corinthians chapter 15 and the detailed description of the Gospel of Christ, as given by the Apostle Paul, who repeatedly maintains that his testimony is "according to the Scriptures."  In particular, Paul emphasizes the importance of believing in the Resurrection of Christ as a necessary component of understanding salvation.


Today's Show: ECUMENISM VS. THE GOSPEL - 6.17.2016

Chris discusses the modern ecumenical movement and its roots in Vatican Council II.  In particular, the teachings of the Jesuit Karl Rahner seem to have had the greatest impact on the theological world, one that continues to this day.  Rahner's theory of the "anonymous Christian" opened the professing Christian world to the possibility that those who profess another belief system (and even atheists) might somehow be saved, if they strive to do good deeds according to their own conscience.  Yet the Scriptures make it clear that there is no salvation apart from faith in Jesus Christ.


Today's Show: ORLANDO, IDOLATRY & BAAL - 6.16.2016

Chris discusses the tragic shooting in Orlando along with the teachings of Islam.  Also discussed is the account of the prophet Elijah standing against the false prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel.  Are some of the pagan elements of ancient Baal worship to be found in modern Islam today? 


Today's Show: PROGRESSIVE MARXISM - 6.13.2016

Chris discusses the history of the progressive movement in the United States, along with the warnings from the book, "None Dare Call it Treason" by John Stormer.  In the 1960's Stormer traced the movement back to the very beginning of the 20th century, and the Fabian Socialist Society, whose aim was the spread of Communism -- not by outright revolution -- but by gradual reform.  Is Stormer's description a blueprint for what is happening in America today?


Today's Show: THE SNARE OF THE WICKED - 6.7.2016

"The wicked have laid a snare for me ..." (Psalm 119:110)  Chris discusses the current wave of anti-Christian sentiment that seems to be growing in our country and around the world.  At every turn, it appears that powers hostile to Christianity are determined to find ways to outlaw traditional values and beliefs.  But the Scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun, and provides us with a number of examples of how God's enemies have plotted against the righteous, and laid snares for them -- only to be overthrown in due time.  Chris covers examples concerning David, Daniel and Esther that are powerful demonstrations of God's help and deliverance.


Today's Show: PROMISES OF DELIVERANCE - 12.31.2015

Chris discusses the many promises we are given in the Scriptures concerning deliverance from our enemies, and from all trouble and affliction.  The Scripture says, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all."  (Psalm 34:19)  In the world today are so many challenges facing the Christian community, and as such, it is ever more important to remember the many reassurances given to us by God. 


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- The sequel to "A Lamp in the Dark".

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