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NOTR - Codex Sinaiticus Revisited - 10.4.16


Chris reviews some of the important details surrounding the Codex Sinaiticus in light of new research being done by others who have been investigating the controversy -- in particular, author David Daniels.  Many Christians today are unaware of the great importance of the Sinai manuscript in the history of the Bible, and how so many modern theories about the text of the New Testament are derived from its pages, along with those of the Codex Vaticanus.  If (as a growing number of researchers have come to believe) the codex proves to be a nineteenth century creation, rather than an ancient work, it would undoubtedly turn the world of modern textual criticism upside down.

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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Chris,

I believe that God sees your humility and James white's ego. My old pastor, Steven Anderson had a debate with James and as I was watching it, I saw James trying to get Steven off track. James is playing God by his belief in his calvanistic/predestination. I have also been shown that steven anderson 'quenches' the Spirit, which The LOVE of God is shed through.

Also, go research the 'automatic writing - channeling' of the (false) teachings such as the book "a course in miracles" and any of ruth montgomery's books. Some of 'new age' occult/universal books are 'automatic/channeled' writing.

I just wanted to encourage you brother Chris.


Barbara J. Briggs
In HIS service

October 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBarb

To Chris or anyone who understands this question. I know that the translators of the King James Version used the Septuagint in their translation of the KJV. Can anyone tell me the version they used? Also can the English version of the Septuagint translated by Brenton be trusted, from what I understand he actually used Sinataiticus in his translation. Thank You for any response to my question!!

October 9, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterGreeknotaramaic

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