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NOTR - Trump Wins - 11.9.16

Today's Show: TRUMP WINS

Chris discusses the historic victory of President-Elect Donald J. Trump who has now been clearly chosen as the next president of the United States of America.  Some are declaring that God has answered the prayers of many Americans across the country who wished to see this nation rescued from the clutches of globalism.  Months ago, we speculated that Trump might be the Psalm chapter 2 candidate.  Could this be, in part, the fulfillment of the Scripture -- a response from heaven against those who have opposed the Lord and His Christ?  Also discussed is the reaction from the international community.  The U.K. Guardian has proclaimed a "dark day" now that "President Trump is the shock heard round the world."

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Reader Comments (3)

Great show, Chris! I hope that Trump just said that about Hillary to ease things for the liberals. That would be my guess, but I doubt it will work. He's still going to be targeted big time. He needs to continue in the path that got him to the White House and needs to prosecute Hillary. We need to set a standard that criminals will be held accountable.

November 10, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterHenry Thrun

Hello Chris, it is good to listen to your comments about what is happening in the US at present. However, I'd take strong issue with your assertion that the US is the greatest country in the world, and the most generous one too. Financial aid? What is the greatness? Setting up of a criminal banking system? spreading it over the whole world, by creating private central banks wherever they have conquered a nation, under the rule of the IMF and the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, American criminal inventions? How many wars has your country had nurtured and started and carried out, through direct intervention or by proxy since the early 1900s? Do you know what really led the US to intervene in WWI? Have you heard of Norman Dodd, and his revelations about the wicked nature of the most important tax-exempt foundations in the US? Do you know how the US elites nurtured, supported Nazism in Germany, and cooperated with it throughout WWII, as well as Bolshevism? Have you read what Anthony Sutton wrote about these matters?
Your country has destroyed and is destroying stable and relatively prosperous nations for the past one hundred years or so. Iran in the 1950s elected a man that wanted his nation to profit from oil production, by nationalizing the oil industry, while the US and Britain brought about a coup that deposed him and set up the puppet rule of the Shah, and the oil companies continued plundering the nation. Guatemala in the 1950s. Indonesia in the 1960s. Vietnam (you may want to read what Avro Manhattan has written about it - the collusion of the elites and the Vatican). Irak in the 1990s (under a brutal ruler, that was supported by the US and its minions for years, until he became an obstacle to their hellish globalist ideology). Yugoslavia, a relatively prosperous country dismembered and Serbia attacked under the pretest of criminal accusations against Milosevic, who was murdered in prison because he was innocent of all charges leveled against him. The so called International Criminal Court at Le Hague (a wicked tool of the US) finally put out a verdict of innocent against all charges of criminal accusations against him... a few months ago. Libya, Syria? Exactly the same pattern. Stable, secular nations that protected the minorities, as you probably know. The professing Christians in Irak, Libya and Syria did not fear the Authorities. Now they are being slaughtered.

It is very sad and annoying to watch the professing Bible believers in the US boast about the "greatness" and "uniqueness" of their country. You very well know, Chris, that a wicked strand has ruled the US from the very beginning, a revolutionary, globalist, beastly strand. How is it that you see and know that wickedness has ruled your nation for several generations now, but are unable to accept that your country's actions abroad have been and are done in equal wickedness? It is beyond me.

Finally, there is much boasting in the US, amongst professing believers, about the "freedom" you have always enjoyed in your country, under the Constitution. Well, such "freedom" was not devised by wise Protestant believers, but by the depraved men, the deists that wrote it. Why do I write this? If you set up rule upon a family, a province, a nation so that all religions and ideas are acceptable and protected, and you are a professing believer on the Lord Jesus Christ, you are sowing the seeds of the devil, the seeds of destruction, even if the seed of the Word may have a chance, for a while. This is what happened to the US and its Constitution. Why is it that the UK survived for much longer? Because, it seems to me, there was a constraining of Romanism and other wicked ideologies in the Statue Books. Even if true Bible believers were persecuted from time to time, the spread of evil ideologies was constrained by the law of the land.

If you have come thus far, Chris, I'd like to state that it is not my intention to offend you personally. This letter is meant to suggest to you that there are aspects of reality you have not seen from the inside, but can be seen from a detached point of reference. I used to be seduced by the so called free market ideology, until I realised, to my shame, that it is the fascist ideology of the American and European elites, used to plunder the nations of their natural resources and manpower, and destroy the notion of nation-state in the process. The dumbing down of the native populations is part of the agenda.
Well, it may be of profit to you. God bless you.
Samuel Naveiras

November 12, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSamuel

And do we naively believe that the "election" process is over and done with? Have we forgotten the huge amount of slush funds in the so-called Clinton foundation treasury that can be used to flip electors? Have we forgotten who sits in the white house at present who is able to bring a great deal of influence to bear to annul the election on the basis of purported "Russian interference" or ongoing civil unrest or other issues? In my opinion, the Trump victory was massaged down to a very slender margin to facilitate throwing the "election" in the coming weeks. See if this is indeed not the case and Obama will not begin his unofficial third term. Besides, how can we trust a man who is a high Freemason, who has Jesuit training in his CV and is by all appearances an insider playing a role to garner "evangelical" support? The net result of the overthrowing of the current election, which appears to be a victory for Christians, will rather be a complete demoralization of the Christian electorate and a level of unrest heretofore unheard of in this land.

November 12, 2016 | Apocalyptist

November 12, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterApocalyptist

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