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NOTR - HAPPY NEW YEAR - 12.31.2017

Today's Show: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 12.31.2017

In a special ONE HOUR program, Chris discusses some of the most important issues of 2017 and how they may affect the coming year.  President Trump's decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is a powerful historic development happening in our time.  But could the backlash from the Islamic world bring us to the Gog and Magog invasion, and possibly Armageddon?  Also discussed is the recent decision against the Christian bakery owners who have been forced to pay a fine for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake.  This combined with a judges decision to block President Trump's rejection of trans-genders in the military has brought judicial activism back into view.  Also discussed are the various bans against Sharia law across the country.  

Happy New Year to our listeners, and may God bless you in 2018!

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Reader Comments (1)

'Really enjoy your programs. Please read the entire email before you consider not reading it and missing the request for discussion at the end.
You know, from past emails, that I'm opposed to what I consider your somewhat partial Calvinistic/Reformed/Covenant theology, "I'm of Paul/of Apollos" stance of "I'm of Calvin". I'm somewhat assured but, yet hoping that you're not consenting to (1) "replacement theology, the Church replacing Israel", (2) cessationism of the Holy Spirit's manifestations, (3) Calvin's state/church institutionalism, thus, the killing of heretics, Servetus et al, (4) his being mentored by the heretical teachings of Augustine, who venerated Mary and whose former practices in Maneachanism (sp?)in some areas crept back into his theology, whose twisting of the Scriptural statement "the violent take it by force", warranted the forcing of people to become Christians by the sword, and that there was no future Millennium because the CHURCH was reigning and constituted the "allegoric/symbolical Millennial reign of Jesus Christ as King David's rightful heir (4) infant baptism's guarantee of salvation by inferring that one becomes a member of the family of God without one's required hearing of the Gospel, repentance of past sins and his/her free will to accept by faith his eternal life through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, referring back to the Jewish rite of bodily circumcision, which also didn't guarantee salvation and which, by the way, was performed only on males!!! not on females as is the false teaching of Islam and as opposed to only believer's baptism, inferring "dying with Christ and being raised to new life with Him" (Galations 2:20) I realize that King David knew he would see his infant again, therefore the belief that young children dying before the age of accountability would be accepted by God for eternal life according to His foreknowledge), (5) Calvin's relying on the Latin Vulgate as his choice/preference for his Bible translation or (6) Ammillenialism/post-millennialism. Also the New Covenant was made with the Jews...Gentiles were graciously grafted in and were warned to not be high-minded into thinking that God was finished with Israel, with the reminder that if God didn't spare the natural branches He might not spare the wild ones! Romans 9-11 Jeremiah 31 discusses that the New Covenant was made with Israel.
I would like you to consider offering your thoughts on/opinion/interpretation of Paul's statement in Romans 13:9 (since you referred to Romans 13:6 on today's excellent program)...For this...and if THERE BE ANY OTHER commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this.... He had previously mentioned 5 of the 10 commandments and had described the minister of God as one to be feared for he bore not the sword in vain...assuming that there were some laws when broken would carry the death penalty. There have been, in the past, in this nation, laws against such abominations as "homosexuality" and "abortion", murder in the womb of a viable human being, which were overturned, possibly for Political correctness sake or as a stretching of the meaning one's "civil rights". If something is an abomination to God or the murder of an innocent, helpless fetus/baby/child/human, wouldn't you think that this would mean that He would render a commandment against it as beyond immoral and worthy of the death penalty. These would not be considered Mosaic ceremonial laws which were abrogated under the New Covenant, somewhat covered in Galations 2&3, Colossians 3 and Romans 14. SOMETHING to think about!!!
Even if you choose to not post my comment because you take offense to my opposition of your Reformed/Covenant/Calvinistic stance, some of which were not all from Calvin but, for instance TULIP, from someone named Theodore Beza, please consider discussing the issue I mentioned. Thank you and Happy New Year

January 1, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterLinda Lifsey

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