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NOTR - The Church Militant - 2.22.17


Chris discusses a new Catholic group called "The Church Militant" that has received attention on the Drudge Report, the New York Times and other mainstream news outlets.  The group has apparently called for a radical reform of the Catholic Church and of America itself.  More importantly, they are rabidly anti-Protestant and openly condemn Martin Luther as a heretic and claim that the Great Reformation is responsible for the evils that are destroying Western civilization.  Can they be serious? Incredibly, they are completely unaware that Protestantism founded both America and the free world.  Without the Reformation they would not have the freedom of speech, or freedom of the press necessary to run their website, or to complain (as they often do) about the many corruptions in the Church of Rome.  Hear audio from the group's main spokesperson as we analyze their views. 

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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Chris,'We have listened AND SHARED your EXCELLENT NOTR shows, regarding the Dems/Jesuits/Leftists.
You are SO right! We see it here in Australia too, but not as rampant (YET) as in the US. Your untiring work and research is just SO appreciated Chris. May the Lord continue to bless, encourage and protect you in your ministry as you defend the KJV and the True worship of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Love from us Down Under, Wes and Jen.

February 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWes and Jenny Irvine

Thank You Chris for the information on this motion in Canada. This is creating a hatred, thanks to them. They are trying their Best to remove any Christian beliefs from our Country, bit by bit. Trudeau is fueling the fire. He wants us diviided. Divide & Conquer !

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