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NOTR - Current Events - 3.2.17


Chris discusses some of the current stories and updates on the progressive attempts to bring Sharia law into the Western world.  The cries of "Islamophobia" continue to be the preferred method, as motions have progressed in Canada.  Yet the history of fake hate crimes used for political agendas is almost always excluded from discussion in the mainstream.  Also discussed are new statements from a Catholic priest concerning Vatican Council II and Islam, along with a report that the current leaders of the Democratic National Convention are both Jesuit educated.

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Reader Comments (1)

I just listened to your radio show on Trump & the pope. I understand that the pope is Evil, that's evident. But, I think that too many have been miss-led by Trump. I ask all that see him as a good guy. Why does he hold up the 666 sign while talking? Why does he make the hand signal of the Illuminati between his legs while beeing interviewed? Why did he just pump up the Military budget that is already as large as the next ten top Military budgets combined & then turned around & took Millions from Environmental groups.Why would he consider Bill Gates in his Cabinet? A man who is huge into Eugenics, GMO's, Climate Corp that is involved in Weather Modification programs that are destroying our atmospherre & last but not least, Toxic Vaccines? This does not sound like a Godly Man to me! His daughter Ivanka is seen in many photo's posted, using the Masonic hand signal on her hip. An "M". Many photo's online showing both Trump & Ivanka doing these hand gestures. No, I do not believe he is out to Help us in any way. I am tired of being duped by those that say they are there for us when they give clear signs like this to their comrads.

March 6, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGail Goett

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