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NOTR - Resistance Rising In Poland & Europe - 3.31.17


Chris discusses the growing wave of resistance against the invasion of Islam via the Socialist European Union.  In addition to Britain's Brexit movement, the rise of Le Pen in France and the advancement of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, now Poland is fighting back against having any Muslim migrants forcibly entered into their country.  In a powerful speech, a Polish woman publicly rejects the suggestion by an Islamic imam that Sharia law will come to Poland.  She declared: "... you will not introduce ANY of your Islamic rules.  This is Poland. This is our land .... Here Jesus Christ is our King." 

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Reader Comments (1)

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your research. One thing you might not know, Poland is a strict roman catholic land. They honor Mary every where. Sometimes I read from pastor form Poland they say it is difficult for them to witness to roman catholics in small villages the government does not it and the priest either not.
I live in the Netherlands and here are lots of people from poland, if I give them a gospel tract in their language and the see the word bible, they will not accept it because they say they are catholic and that is not allowed, so they are not honor Jesus but Mary.
Did you know that Geert Wilders is a pro abortionist? Also in several thing he vote with the left, he is for sure not a conservative person and rules his party alone, there are no members, that is the reason that he did not get as many votes as he would have if otherwise.He hates muslims and that is all.There is a christian party who also do not want so many muslims in our country and does not like mosques in the street.
kindly regards,

April 5, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMrs Hermien

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