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NOTR - Beauty & the Beast, Ignatius Loyola - 3.9.17


Chris discusses the new Disney version of "Beauty and the Beast," attempting to cash in on the success of the animated film, this time using real actors in the storyline.  But the twist is that the film will feature the first ever "gay" character for a Disney film.  Many in the Christian community are calling for a boycott, while others have warned that rejecting the film may "harm the gospel."  Also discussed is a new article (written by a Jesuit priest) that claims Ignatius Loyola did not actually found the Jesuit Order to counter the Protestant Reformation, but rather, as a mission to Muslims.

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Great show, Chris! I get really annoyed when people make the argument "if you're going to boycott this, you also need to boycott that." Instead of basing proper behavior on the Bible and adjusting out actions to the Word, that argument is saying we should use the WORLD as an example and conform to it. Instead of adjusting our lives to line up more with what God says, they're using the world and their own shortcomings as justification to move away from Biblical living.
I'm in a Facebook group called "Geeks Under Grace" and there has been arguments over whether or not to watch certain shows. My family stopped watching Supergirl when they put her sister in a lesbian relationship. We also don't watch "Arrow" or "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" for similar reasons. But someone posted a collection of pics gay characters and actors from other shows in an attempt to justify watching all of them. There are lots of Christians who care more about their favorite shows, movies, or sports than they do about following God. If the Bible says we shouldn't be watching ANY of those shows, we shouldn't! I've stopped watching shows even if they don't have homosexual characters because they'd be portraying other sinful behaviors, like pre-marital sex, in positive lights.
We need to grow closer to God, not further away!

March 10, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterHenry Thrun

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