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NOTR - The Coming European Army - 6.22.17

Today's Show: THE COMING EUROPEAN ARMY - 6.22.2017

Chris discusses a new story about the call for a European army, that would unite the nations of Europe.  The call has come from Germany's parliamentary defense commissioner, Hans-Peter Bartels, who has said that
the 28-nation bloc's militaries need to come together as a single force.  He has said, "In the end, there will be a European army."  But what is the purpose of such a massive force?  Is it possible that many of the 50 million Muslims who are said to be living in Europe will rush to join this EU army in preparation for the ultimate takeover of the countries that have taken them in?  Furthermore, what could this mean for America and the rest of the Western world? 

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I have heard it argued, with reference to Dan. 9:26, that the Antichrist will be a Muslim because the majority of the Roman legionaries who destroyed Jerusalem were Middle Eastern, not Italian.

I don't buy it. Not for a moment. On the other hand, I don't dispute their facts -- just their conclusions -- and I find it fascinating that a European Revived Roman Empire may end up having armies with the same ethnic make-up as those of the Old Roman Empire.

June 26, 2017 | Registered CommenterProf. Ransom

Thank you Chris...

There is much prophecy left before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ... The emergence of a world ruling empire (the 7th head of the beast that Babylon, or Satan rides) must come to pass.... If our Father in heaven allows for foreigners to come in, and take over the US, or Western Europe, the fault lies in the practice of lawlessness... We of course cannot force our neighbor to repent, but can only warn them what will occur in the flesh if our spiritual lives are being defined by sinful behavior...

The US was predetermined by God long ago to come to power for a time that is not forever... For our Creator points out HE knows the end from the beginning... While the Almighty has sent out prophets, and HIS OWN SON to warn us the pitfalls of practicing sin, HE has also understood the majority, if given the choice, sadly gravitates towards sinful behavior... We made that mistake in the Garden of Eden, and have been doing so every since...

But there are those who have striven to live in accordance to God's will throughout the centuries... Few in number compared to those who were deceived, but nevertheless, those who wanted to show their love for our Creator, strove to not be defined by the Babylonian spiritual state of confusion that has plagued mankind from our beginnings...

The current state of our world was prophesied to be as such because of the mystery of lawlessness, and Satan's seductive influence over a humanity that is carnal... So this European army could be built, but this area of our world is only 1 of 10 horns that are prophesied to come to power as we near the end of this age... Remembering that each horn represents a region, and a king that will rule over this area... The Club of Rome has been planning for this since it's inception in 1968, and this plan is in accordance to God's prophetic Word...

There is no stopping this from occurring... There may be times when its momentum will not be as swift to come to pass... But come to pass it will... This is where the saints of God must be prepared for it, and frankly remember that we will be persecuted because we will not place our faith in what is this Satanically ruled empire... Which is why Satan is Babylon, and the one who has authority over the empires that he has been allowed to built over the centuries by his CREATOR... HE rides the beast as Babylon, and has fooled the masses through his spiritual daughters... Which are of course governments, religions, secret societies that have influenced this world over the centuries...

Remember that Lucifer has influenced the nations through his beauty, and merchandising as pointed out in Ezekiel chapter 28 verses 11 through 19... He tempts through the fleshly things that exist in various ways... Using the very creation that our God has created through coveted means...

Why God allowed for Satan to do such things?... Because of a failure to listen on the part of humanity for the most part... Eventually this 7th, and final empire will be given over to the beast by Satan as Revelation chapter 13 verses 2 through 4 declare... And all of the inhabitants of this world who do not have the Spirit of God within them through Christ Jesus our Lord, will worship the man of sin, and declare "who can make war with HIM."...

Satan giving the beast his authority over these 10 kings who will be ruling over these 10 kingdoms within this 7th empire, is the same authority the devil offered our Savior if our LORD would have worshiped this fallen being... Of course Jesus refused, but the man of sin will not... And this man of sin will have the help of a spiritual entity who will make him more than a man... This demon is called Abaddon in the Hebrew tongue, and Apollyon in the Greek... This spiritual entity currently is imprisoned within the abyss, or bottomless pit, until the pre-appointed time of his, and those who reside in this spiritual prison for wayward entities, and their release into this world... This is of course in Revelation chapter 9, and is the first woe of God that will be unleashed on this fallen world once the 5th trumpet of God is blown by HIS angel..

There is a reason for their being there... The reason is that they are very destructive, and God knows this... Our Creator will only release them at a time when mankind's sins have reached a point that it will be necessary to release the destroyer Abaddon, and his cohorts from their imprisonment...

All of this will be fulfilled... We must be prepared for it dear brethren from a Spiritual standpoint... For the flesh is weak, and will always be subject to death... Our strength lies with the Spirit of the Living God in us through our Teacher who sits at the right hand of the Father...

Blessed be HIS NAME..

July 1, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSteven B

Chris, you should read "The Myth of German Villainy", by Benton Bradberry

July 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterTodd

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