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NOTR - Antifa & The Radical Left - 8.17.17

Today's Show: ANTIFA & THE RADICAL LEFT - 8.17.2017

Chris discusses the ongoing agitation from the Democratic party and the radical left, as they continue to try and push the country farther towards a Marxist conclusion.  The LGBT agenda continues to go after America's children with new education programs in Austin, Texas reported to teach children complete gender confusion from an early age.  Meanwhile, leftist leaders accuse Trump supporters of being Nazis and fascists, but history shows that nearly all the ideas of the original Nazis are promoted by the Democratic party today.  Furthermore, left leaning companies in Silicon Valley are now said to be reevaluating free speech and questioning whether or not it should truly exist.  It is often darkest before the dawn -- is America ready for national repentance, to turn back toward the God of the Bible?

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I hope you take time to look into the second reformation period prior to Cromwell and study some of the best Presbyterian ministers. It will give you an idea of what true separation of church and state looks like, and the role of the civil government vs. the role of the church. Both are Christian and the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647) does an excellent job of making the biblical distinctions. I hope you will include this information in your upcoming video.

August 20, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterWalt

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